Students takeover a restaurant for the night

Enjoy a night of good food prepared & served by students
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  1. Aug09
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About us
Organiser of the Class Chefs Series SWC is a community organisation that works with schools and local businesses to create innovative and inspiring projects that help students move closer towards achieving their educational, social and employment potential.  For additional information about SWC, please visit: The subsidised special pricing is possible through the schools’ partnership with SWC and Training Services NSW’s Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) initiative. The RIEP initiative strengthens connections between industry and schools. RIEP helps students develop the skills they need to get a job by linking what is learned at school and what is needed in the workplace. Class Chefs is an exciting hands-on learning opportunity for students, they will encounter the same challenges and pressures faced by most busy fine dining establishments. Students are showcasing their skills as part of their course assessment and we appreciate your patience and understanding during the Class Chefs Event.        How will Class Chefs maintain a COVID-Safe Environment at Cucina 105?        The wellbeing of our participants remains our highest priority. COVID-19 measures will be implemented in accordance with the latest advice from NSW Department of Education, SafeWork Australia and the Australian Government Department of Health.        By entering the premises, all guests, students and staff agree to the following:       > Sign in via the NSW Government QR code system   > Physical Distancing (1.5m apart rule)   > Temperature screening (anyone with a temperature greater than 37.5 Degrees Celsius upon entry of the event will not be permitted inside)   > Up to date cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene practices   > Anyone incubating / suspected of incubating / have been in contact with anyone incubating COVID-19 / showing flu like symptoms will be denied entry or asked to leave the premises immediately   > Anyone returning or having been in contact with someone from overseas / COVID-19 hotspots within Australia in the last 14 days from the event date will not be permitted to enter the premises   > COVID-Safe procedures will be implemented in  accordance with the Risk Management Plan and RIEP Class Chefs COVID-Safe policy   > Guest contact details, attendance and temperature details will need to be provided and will be used solely for the purpose of tracing COVID-19 infections. You and your guests’ information will be stored confidentially and securely for a minimum of 28 days.   > Guests denied entry due to the RIEP Class Chefs COVID-Safe policy will receive a full refund within 7 days of event       If you purchased a ticket on behalf of someone else, you are liable to communicate the above Terms and Conditions to them or they may be denied entry upon arrival.